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Your Lions Den

Have you ever felt like you were in the lions den? Can you imagine how Daniel felt being placed in an atmosphere that was designed to kill him? Believe it or not, your enemy has designed a lions den just for you & you may be sitting in that den right now wondering how did I get here? The Bible never goes into detail as to what emotions ran through Daniel’s mind as he was sitting face to face with these man eaters. I’m sure whatever he was thinking, it was similar to what we’ve thought when we are faced with such great opposition. But the great thing about our Heavenly Father is that He looks out for his own, especially ones who have been faithful to Him. God sent His angel to shut ALL the lions mouths so that they could not hurt Daniel. Not one bite, scratch or lick! He covered his son even in one of the lowest points of his life because Daniel was faithful even when it seemed easier to falter and compromise. Daniel believed in what God can do & didn’t waver even in this trial. & He was rewarded with a miracle of covering that serves as an example for us all even today. And the greatest end result was that God was magnified to the masses!!! Your lions den will show others who God really is and what He can do through YOU!! It will serve as a testimony that God never fails, and that even though you were in the lions den, your story didn’t end there!!!! There’s so much more for you!! Continue to believe & trust in your GOD!!!! Your Lions Den is just a set up for your greater, because the story ends with Daniel prospering!! Don’t give up in your den. It’s only the beginning. The aftermath will blow your mind!

💋Denia Shanelle

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