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Surprise, Surprise!

I remember when I was a little kid and my parents were trying to surprise me by throwing me a surprise birthday party.

And they told me to stay outside and play with my friends while they prepared for it inside our home. Of course I didn’t know that they were doing this, because it was a surprise. And

it must have been one of the hottest days of the summer because all my little mind could think of was I wanted to come inside where it was cooler,

instead of being stuck outside. Because that’s exactly what it felt like; that I was stuck, outside, in the heat, melting…

And even worse, I wasn’t alone. I was with all my little friends and everyone else was complaining of the heat and so that just made my complaining even louder, LOL!

I remember coming up to the door multiple times to ask if we could finally come inside and my parents kept saying, Denia not yet. Because in reality, they wanted to make everything special and perfect just for me, but I didn’t realize that and all I kept thinking about were the elements of where I was currently, on the outside.

I began get angry and question why would my parents put me through this torture, why couldn’t I just come inside?!?! My mind started wandering about what I did to deserve this exile (kids are sooo dramatic) and questioning the whys, and the how longs will I have to wait outside? I felt like my friends and I played every outdoor game we could think of, so what now?! Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and I ran up to the door one last time to plead my case with my parents to see if I could come inside where it was an escape from the outside, only to find them both opening the door wide for me to see. To my amazement, there were birthday decorations and everything was prepared, just for me, to walk in and enjoy the fruits of their labor. My parents both wanted to surprise me, their daughter, and when I saw all the hard work that they put into my surprise and how much love it took to even think of me in this manner, I retreated inside myself and felt foolish. All that time, I was so focused on the outside, that I didn’t even think of what could have been happening on the inside, the last possible thought being that they both were preparing a celebration just for me. They then invited not only myself inside but my company as well who were with me on the outside and brought us all in to celebrate. Even now I’m reminded of how much time and attention it took for everything to be special and perfect, all because they loved me. In this example, they showed me the true definition of what it means to be a parent, and how God parents us, while we are waiting for something to manifest. We complain, kick, scream, and question Gods timing, without really giving more thought to the fact that timing might be correlated with HOW BIG YOUR GIFT IS. Maybe the longer it’s taking means the more He’s putting into it, just for you.

When God is preparing something just for you, don’t complain about how long the process is taking. Thank Him for the attention to detail, the decorations and the setting that He’s setting up just for you. All because He loves you. He’s not saying no, He’s saying daughter, son, not yet. All because He wants it to be perfect, just how you would love it. He’s thinking of you while he’s decorating and preparing, tweaking and orchestrating the perfect surprise. Just like a parent to a stubborn child, He knows outside may feel uncomfortable, you might even sweat a little, but it’s only temporary. Because when He brings you inside, you’ll forget all about the outside elements and what it did to you, and you’ll bask in your climate controlled environment of purpose. Even your friends will get to celebrate with you, because they waited with you. They endured with you. God is a loving God who wants nothing more than to bless his children.

So, GET READY. No more complaining, no more fussing. Just began to thank Him for His thoughts towards you. Because when He finally opens that door….. baaaby! The celebration that will occur will be remarkable.

Your waiting isn’t in vain. Be patient. He’s working it all out just. FOR. YOU.

💋Denia Shanelle

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