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Wilderness Mentality vs. Promise-Land Mentality... which one are you??

Hey Loves! Oftentimes, it is SOOO VERY necessary to do a self check of ourselves to make sure we are good, right?! We check our blood pressure, our weight and our overall body health but often miss the most important part of our bodies!! What some people fail to check as often as their bodies, is their minds! Our minds are literally the center for control for our very beings and if we are out of balance, we can usually find the culprit there, in our thinking. Are you wondering why you haven't gotten to where you were suppose to be by now? Let me ask you to check your control center. Are you walking with a Wilderness Mentality or a Promise-Land Mentality? I ask you this because it is very detrimental if you have the wrong mentality. The Israelites journeyed through the wilderness for 40 years instead of the short destination that it would have taken them had they gotten their minds right!! Is your mind still stuck in bondage based upon the difficulties you’ve gone through in your past and because of it, you are not allowing yourself to move forward?? OR are you already seeing yourself victorious in every situation (despite your past!) so that you can enter into your Promise land and obtain ALL of the blessings that God has for you?! Loves, Please check your minds because it will truly spill out from your mouth if you don’t! Began to speak your blessings and prepare your minds to grasp that concept!!

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