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Psalm 27:13

[What, what would have become of me] had I not believed that I would see the Lord’s goodness in the land of the living!

Hey Loves! So here's the issue:

So many people focus on the afterlife and how they will be blessed THEN, but are MISSING their blessings HERE on earth all because they don’t believe for it!! God has goodness HERE, right here for you, on earth as well!! No need to wait until you get to the other side to receive all that God has for you!! Why would you do that when it's HERE??!!!

You’d be missing out on soooo much!! That is literally the equivalent of someone coming to you with an amazing gift with your name on it, but you respond, oh no, I'll Wait!


Imagine all that you have been pushing away...and now, take a moment to look at your life. What have you become? If it doesn't match up with God's plan for your life, you've been living below your promises.

Here's the solution:

Get into your Word and start there, to discover all the goodness that God has planned just for you, in THIS lifetime! READ & STUDY, because His Word is a detailed description of His purpose and plan for your life. He will guide you through His Word!!! Then, start to BELIEVE in it, which will elevate your Faith! Faith is the Key to your better life!

Make a decision today to start living in God's Goodness, no longer below your promises. God has called you to live greater than that, in this lifetime! And trust me, You will never regret it!!

Be Blessed Loves!

Denia Shanelle

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