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Do You Know?!?!

I remember when I was a kid my mom used to get so upset because my response to EVERYTHING was “I Know!!” And it was true, I felt she underestimated me because I really did know!! There’s one thing, however, I notice now as an adult.

We as believers tend to stop at the “I believe” instead of transitioning to the “I Know” and that’s exactly where God desires for us to be, in the KNOWING stages!!! That’s where your blessings are!! That’s where our next level is!! Matter of fact, dare I say it?!? That’s where our NEW DIMENSION lives!!! Go beyond the “I BELIEVE” that God is going to do this or that and graduate to trusting God fully in the “I KNOW!” And when you get there, please share with me your testimonies!!! I am excited to journey with you in this next level of life!!!!! Begin now, to declare, I KNOW!!!

💋Denia Shanelle

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