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When Is IT Going To Happen???

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

God, you promised, but here I am, constantly WAITING!! When GOD, WHEN?????

We often hear this word and it may either infuriate you, or relax you when you are feeling over the edge, as I often do;


Denia, Have Patience…

I cannot count on my hands how many times people have tried to satisfy me with that word, especially when I am wondering when my time will come. It is a hard word to hear, especially when all you want to hear is the WHEN it will happen. However, in all actuality, when others use this word on us, they are correct. Here’s the thing; God desires for us to work on us and He gives us ample opportunity to do just that when we are waiting on our promises to be fulfilled. If you already had the promise, you wouldn’t learn the coping skills, the strengthening skills, or the added bonus of relying on HIM! You may have been waiting for something that hasn’t manifested just yet. But if you actually look IN your situation (or even take yourself out of you and really look from the outside in) you will see the bread crumbs God leaves us, just enough to keep us on the right path and reassure us in knowing that we are going to obtain that which we are waiting for. So, don’t get discouraged. He wants to give you the desires of your heart, but you have to be grown (grown!) in order to handle what comes with that blessing. God wants to GROW YOU! Have you ever seen a child drive a car?? Can you imagine the damage??? It’s a reason why insurance companies bring down the rates the older you get! LOL! You should be grown and prepared for your blessing or you would ruin it if you weren’t ready.

It is okay to smile when others advise you on your patience. It is just a friendly reminder to know that God hasn’t forgotten about you and He will keep his promises to you, in due time.

Just have Patience.

And Breathe.

I remember reading a story about a little boy who wanted to grow a carrot. He bought some seeds and planted them and watered them. Everyone who came by kept telling this little boy that it was not going to grow, but there he stood, watering his seed and waiting, patiently. The crowds kept walking by trying to discourage him and make him leave his post because they didn’t see anything happening, but the little boy continued to stand guard, because he had an expectation for something great to occur when he planted and watered his seed. Even though he too saw nothing yet, he still chose to wait for the final outcome. What he didn’t realize was what was occurring underneath the soil, the roots and foundation that was growing stronger and stronger right under his feet, until one day, he began to see little sprouts of the top of his carrot and then little by little, he began to see the fullness of his harvest. It was even bigger than he imagined…

With pride, he finally picked up his Harvest and carried it on a wagon, passing all the people who said it wouldn’t work, with a huge smile on his face, knowing that his investment was worth it. He just had to be patient and diligent in taking care of his harvest.

I want to encourage you. Though you may not see the sprouts yet, your harvest might be in its season of strengthening its roots and foundation. Keep watering, keep waiting on it, keep speaking over it, keep expecting to see it manifest, because it will! You planted a seed, in GOOD soil, and it will reap a harvest. That is its duty to produce. I read that story to my students in school and I had to contain my excitement because they did not understand how much that story was speaking to my own current situation, but I truly believe God uses EVERYTHING for a revelation! Continue to trust HIM! Even when you don’t see your sprouts yet, continue to believe you WILL see it because it SHALL do what it was purposed to do! And in your waiting, never let go of the fact that God’s plan is for you to be happy and succeed. Trust Him, trust the process, and allow your patience to take over your frustrations. Wait on Him and expect to reap your reward.

Psalm 27:13-14 NIV I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

💋Denia Shanelle

💋Denia Shanelle

Wife| Mommy| Vlogger| Family Planning Coach| Christian Contemporary Artist| Songwriter| Author|

I just want to create content that will make you fall in love with God for life 💋

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