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God Has Your Tomorrow!

If I listened to all of my doubts, I wouldn't be who I am today... MOMMY.

God is SOOO GOOD. Our Family Planning has been a long and stressful journey, one that I will continue to share with you all! However, THIS is one of my favorite pictures of my children, and it is not just because they are sleeping, LOL!

This picture speaks more than a thousand words. This picture often has me in amazement of our story.

It’s my true Testimony.

There was a time when I was struggling to have children.

A time when I kept praying and the answer was not yet.

A time when all I had were my tears and I dreamed for days like this. 

A time when I had to keep trusting and keep believing that God had THIS in store for me, even when there was no physical proof that this could occur.

Matter of fact, even when ALL the cards were stacked against me!

A time when all I had was my Faith.

My faith brought me here today.

I thank God for His faithfulness and that He always had THIS in mind for me despite my hard days of unbelief. 

Despite my flesh, despite my fears. 

I never stopped believing in His promises for my life. 

He never stopped showing himself to be my God. 

He always had this in mind, I just had to keep believing, keep confessing...

I want to encourage YOU. 

Today will not be like your tomorrow. 

There’s more in store.

Keep believing, keep confessing HIS WORD over your life and always, always hold on to your Faith & His promises.

He’s got a PERFECT plan❤️ 

💋Denia Shanelle

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