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"Fear Not" 365 Days a Year!

God gave us a wonderful command regarding FEAR, but have you realized how many times it is found in His word??

For me, I notice that anytime God says something more than once, I tend to pay attention, because #1, He means it, and #2, I will benefit by listening to Him about it.

Have you ever needed a reminder that God is with you?



The phrase “Do not be afraid” is written in the bible 365 times…. and it got me to thinking….WHY? What is so significant about this? Then it hit me… and I began to realize that there are exactly 365 days in a year…which to me shows me that for each and every day, I have a reminder in His word that no matter what occurs on each day, every day, each year, I have been rewarded the right to not be afraid as my response. This is a powerful concept, so let’s break this thing down. The first example I tend to think of is Joshua 1:9, right after the death of Moses and God has chosen a new leader to lead the people of Israel, his servant Joshua. Joshua is mourning the loss of his Leader, and is feeling insignificant and weary about moving forward. God immediately steps in and addresses those feelings of insecurity by giving this command:

Joshua 1:9 NIV

9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

God is a God that doesn’t allow you to stay in a place of defeat or discouragement, and he doesn’t just pacify us with a command, but He gives us REASONS not to fear! His response to Joshua was that He would be with him wherever he goes! This is the same God that previously destroyed their enemies on their behalf, the same God that has brought the Israelites through the wilderness and has provided for them in every situation, the same God that continues to provide and deliver (Check His record!) I love that this is just ONE example out of 365 reasons that God shows us who He is and what He is capable of and that in any situation, He's not leaving us alone!

Not only does God give us reasons not to fear, but He tells us in his word what He will do and how He will bless us as a response when we are not afraid, and even more than that, when we don't give in to fear! Because let's be real, as humans, sometimes we do feel afraid. Things happen that shakes our world, and our first response tends to be fear. But I challenge us as Christians in our daily walk to not STAY in fear, thus giving into our fears, which may cause us to stop and loose sight of the destination, which is the Promised Land, (and that can be whatever your LAND is, and it would be flowing with milk and honey!!) Because when we call on God, God immediately addresses our concerns by giving us an outlet INSTEAD of fear! We can also find this in the same scripture of Joshua 1:9 NLT which says to "Be Strong and Courageous!" God desires for his people to win, and have a mindset of complete victory in place of fear. And here's the thing, there's also perks to this. He helps us in our wilderness experience! He provides when fear wants to tell us there's nothing left to provide for. He supplies, when fear says that you have no way out. He sets out a plan of escape for you when fear wants to tell you that this is all there is... He's that type of God!

Isaiah 41:18-20 says:

Also, take notice of this: The PERFECT PLACE of where he’s telling you not to fear is in your wilderness experience, in a place that looks desolate and empty to us, but to HIM, it’s a place of opportunity and gives Him the ability to comfort us and provide for us! His solution, BEYOND telling you not to fear, is to be your provider, telling you that in this place, he will provide!! And what will He provide?? In place of emptiness and desolation, he will plant for you resources that will assist you out of your wilderness experience, in place of desolation and depravity he will give you tools to maximize your potential that will thrust you forward and out of your dry place.

God is telling us there’s no reason to fear because even in these places of not enough, in these places of desolation and deprivation, he will provide a way out just for YOU! Fountains in the midst of valleys, turning your wilderness into pools of water, streams in your desert, resources for building and growing! Things that are useful to you that will pull you out of your situation and into your GREATER. This IS WHY you are not to be afraid!! God is a God that does not allow His people to stay in a place of not enough, desolation and despair, but your job that you have to commit to, is to trust that He’s got you. He has a whole plan for your life that will cause you to win and not stay defeated! In those times of defeat, He will show you the way out, just listen for His instructions (be not afraid) and watch what He does with you and through you during your wilderness experience. I challenge you, Loves, to study the 365 examples found in the Bible to restore yourselves into believing that God is on your side, and that there is NO REASON TO FEAR, when you have the God Almighty showing you the way out. Will you commit today to getting rid of fear, and following God's decree as He continues to show himself true in your lives?

Blessings to you all,

Denia Shanelle💋

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